The Fascinating History of Dripping Springs, Texas

Nestled in the rolling hills of Hays County, Texas, lies the small city of Dripping Springs. This charming town is known for its natural beauty, excellent schools, and local restaurants and shops. But why is it called Dripping Springs?The city was named after the dripping springs at the Milk House branch of the Edwards Aquifer. This was a gathering place for Tonkawa Indians, and it was here that Nannie Moss officially named the community.

In 1881, W. Mercer Street drew up a plan for the city, and it became a stagecoach stop on the Austin-Fredericksburg highway. Dripping Springs was a quiet community of farms and ranches until the Great Depression. Despite this decline in population, it became the main city in northern Hays County during the 20th century. By 1990, more than a thousand people called Drippings Springs home, and its population had increased by another 500 residents by the turn of the millennium. Today, Dripping Springs has seen nearly triple-digit growth over the past five years.

This is due to its affordability and its stunning natural beauty, which continues to attract new residents to the area. To round off an exceptional day, visitors can head south from Dripping Springs to Driftwood, Texas and enjoy some of the best barbecue in Texas at The Salt Lick.

Irving Koewler
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